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The Genesis Awards is in need of Final Fantasy X Nominations

The Genesis Awards, which began as a fanfiction awards for Final Fantasy VII fiction that's a step above the rest, is now accepting nominations for FFX fic as well. I'm an admin over there and I am quite discouraged that there has been little Final Fantasy X fandom involved. Because of this, we have decided to once again try to garner more support-- we have extended the dates for FFX nominations until March 31st in hopes that the fandom will respond and nominate their favorite stories.

The Genesis Awards has specific criteria for nominated fic. After our nominations close for the year, our Preliminary Readers will go through and ascertain that the fics that are nominated adhere to the grammatical standards of either Great Britain or the United States. After they finish the Preliminary Reading, we will release our official list of nominees for the 2009-2010 awards season and our judges will begin the process of picking winners. Judges grade based on things like voice, dialog, correct punctuation and spelling, plot, coherence, consistency, originality, et cetera. 

If you know of any good FFX fic (X-2 is go, as well) that deserves an award, please go check out the Genesis Awards. You can visit our website at or nominate on the forums, located at

Thank you,

Sai, Co-Admin, The Genesis Awards
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