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Final Fantasy Doujinshi, Tidus x Yuna, Irvine x Selphie, Squall x Irvine


Ugh, so no more cryptic photo bucket account to pick out which book you want to buy!


Final Fantasy 10 Tidus x Yuna Doujinshi by MAVERIX and FF8 Irvine x Selphie Doujinshi by RED WING.



all payment methods accepted, including paypal and google checkout!

  I'm  willing to bargain with you so drop me  a line as well.


If you are interested in any of them, or a few, please drop me a line with an offer

I accept paypal payments, well concealed cash or money orders.  Shipping discounts available + International Shipping!

Note: For individual book availability,  bigger covers, fandom info, page info and and book descriptions go to:

FFX ans FF8 Tidus x Yuna, Irvine x Selphie, Squall x Irvine, 

and misc. serious stories and gags - doujinshi by big circles like

Red Wing,  Maverix, Chata Tachibana, Amaru Sempu, Jagirl, D-AMB, etc.

Individual Book Info:

Irvine x Selphie,  and misc. serious stories and gags - doujinshi by circles like Red Wing, Chata Tachibana, Akai Tsubasa, Amaru Sempu, Jagirl, D-AMB, etc. 

In order of pictures (left to right):

  • Book # 1- "Morphine" Irvine x Selphie book by Akai Tsubasa of circle Red Wing. Rated PG, 40 pages, size B5.

  • Book # 2 - "Natural Beauty" by Chata Tachibana of circle Red Wing. Romance fluff, Irvine x Selphie, PG, 40-50  pages.

  • Book # 3 - "84" by circle Jag girl, Irvine centered book. Some romance with Selphie, PG-13, 30 pages.

  • Book # 4 - "Spiral" by circle D-Amb, all character book with gags and some serious stories. Very sharp art, PG-13, 35 pages.

  • Book # 5 - "Hello Girl" by Akai Tsubasa of circle Red Wing. Romance Irvine x Selphie. PG-13, 36 pages, 4 novel, size is B5. Alternate Universe Storyline.

  • Book # 6 " Gentleman's Rhapsody" part 2,  by Amairu Sempu, circle Millenium. It has 36 pages, size is B5.

  • Book #7 - "Gentleman's Rhapsody" Romance Irvine x Selphie by Amairo Sempu, circle Millenium. About 32 pages, PG, book size B5.

  • Book # 8 " IKST" by Red Wing,  Chata Tachibana and Akai Tsubasa if Red Wing. Irvine x Selphie romance, about 32 pages.

  • Book # 9 "Kimi  No Kiss"  Irvine x Selphie romance by circle Red Wing. Rated PG, 52  pages, size B5. Has slip on cover, very pretty with Irvine on back side.

  • Book # 10 - Selphie on cover with Irvine "Lollipop" by Chata Tachibana of circle Red Wing. About 35 pages, romance.

  Yuna x Tidus FFX and FFX-2 romance and serious stories doujinshi by Yuzuru Asahina of circle MAVERIX.

In order of pictures (left to right):

  • Book # 1- "Wanderzilla".  Rated PG-13, size B5,  36 pages. Very pretty, detailed art. Set in FFX-2 after Tidus returns, romance and serious story.

  • Book # 2 - "リアルな夢の条件" . Cute romance story, PG rated. About 44 pages, size B5. Think it's also set in FFX-2 after Tidus returns.

  • Book # 3 - "Mangetsu no Kuchizuke".  About 54 pages, B5 size, PG-13. This books is set in FFX, cute romance story.

  • Book # 4 - "Denno Taiyo Hana Gensou". Set in FFX-2 world. Size of Book is B5, around 50 pages and rated PG-13.

  • Book # 5 - "Yumemirukoro wo sugitemo"  Romance book .Again lovely art and set after Tidus gets back in FFX-2. Size of book is B5, 36 pages.

Book # 6 "Final Distance".  It has about 28 pages, size of book is B5 and is rated PG.Cute FFX-2 romance book, apparently there is a baby involved!



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